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On Twitter for Crypto last week: They Sold? Pump It

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: They Sold? Pump It

Last Week on Crypto Twitter: They Sold? Pump It


What’s that? You sold the fake ETF news?

Oh anon, do you ever learn?

Keep reading if you want to learn how to avoid getting bearholed in the upcoming bull run…

Whose Threads Are A Must-Read?

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Prices are up. Bears are being led to the slaughterhouse. You don’t want to be one of them. As your trusted Crypto Twitter aggregation service, we’ll make sure you don’t. Andrew Kang wrote up a great piece about “How to avoid getting BEAR HOLED and not miss epic rallies


Rallies in the crypto market do not necessarily require new money entering the space, as short term demand can drive momentum. There is significant demand for cryptocurrencies from various institutions and individuals all over the world, which some traders may underestimate, and can impact flows into the market.

Computer coins gud coins.

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The upcoming bull rodeo is probably not your first one. But any seasoned cowboy has to pay his dues first. Here are mistakes you want to avoid in the upcoming bull run:

No TLDR for this one – make sure you read and internalize every single one of those!

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But what if your funds are too tight? The best way to make money in crypto is to already have some and multiply it. Luckily, this is crypto, where you can start from literally zero. Cue the list of existing projects that could do an airdrop:

TLDR: Chains such as LayerZero, ZKSync and Solana have a few very interesting projects that could do an airdrop. Invest your time if you don’t have money.

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Something to learn for the not-so-experienced crypto participants: be careful with projects that have a lot of VC funding. Not all VC coins are bad, but distinguishing the good from the bad takes practice and experience. Ignas from DeFi Research wrote an interesting thread titled “What do crypto VCs know that you don't?

TLDR: There is mistrust towards VCs for buying early and dumping on retail, and fair launches without VCs may be a better option. Conducting research and asking the right questions is important for retail investors, and collaborating with VCs may be beneficial for projects with experienced founders.

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A few words of caution at the end. The next run may really be different than all the other ones before because the big boys with big pockets are coming. Macro big brain Lyn Alden wrote a grat thread about the importance of learning about Bitcoin before those big boys show up:

TLDR: Bitcoin is gaining more attention and understanding from institutions. Study it from a global perspective.

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Wisdom Of The Week

VIDEO: Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

It’s easy to get carried away now. But remember, this run is just getting started:

Talk of the Town

Altcoin Buzz

According to Pentoshi, bottom is in and there is stablecoin data to back this statement up:

How bullish is the incoming ETF really though? Well, is it even incoming? Some grown-up from TradFi let us know that ticker symbols being listed on websites does not actually mean jack…you know:

Ooff, sounds like we have to look elsewhere for drama then. How is SBF doing by the way?

Depends on who you ask. He’s certainly doing better than his lawyers at this point, you’d think. Especially after his testimony last week that had plenty of WTF moments:

And if that’s not enough, we can always look up ZachXBT’s account for the latest crypto exploit uncovered. Here’s one that targeted SIM swaps worth a cool $4.5M:

Considering the bullish price action, it was a rather quiet week though. Bitcoiners even dug up the old topic of “Is Hal Finney Satoshi” to keep themselves entertained (spoiler: he is not):

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One other big development was regulators trying to come after crypto on drummed-up accusations of terror financing. The Bitcoin community pushed back against this with an open letter from Preston Pysh:


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Coin Bureau

Is there something Vitalik wants to tell us?

Big week coming up! See you on the other side of it…


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